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All of our brand new, made-to-order cabinets are available in three-inch increments starting at nine-inches wide. Our design team is on deck to help you determine the best fit for your space and organizational needs.


Laminate countertops are available to finish off your MCDC kitchen redesign. We consider your entire design to help you choose the right look for you. Then, we provide precise measurements to ensure the best fit possible.


Unique hardware can define your newly remodeled kitchen. From pulls and knobs to hooks and accents, we’ve got a slew of options to meet the functional requirements of your kitchen and add some personality to your space.


Decades in the home renovation business have taught us one thing: service is everything. We offer complimentary design expertise and free quotes to all home renovators and provide field measurements and delivery at a reasonable rate. Whether we visit your home or work from pictures you supply, we’ll provide drawings, perspectives, and a specific plan to bring your remodel to life.

We love unique design challenges and have found that almost every home comes with a few of its own. Whether you’re designing around windows and doors, ceiling height, existing electrical and plumbing, or pipes and chimneys, our small staff of knowledgeable designers can help. Keeping your space requirements, budget, and long-term home value in mind, we ask the right questions to guide you toward the products and design that will work best for you.


The difference is our price.

Muncie Cabinet Discount Center opened in 2011 to meet the needs of all home renovators in the Muncie area. A division of Richard’s Kitchen and Bath Center, MCDC produces unique, functional kitchen designs at a great price.

Whether you’re on the market for lower price point cabinetry, countertops or hardware, Muncie Cabinet Discount Center provides do-it-yourself homeowners, experienced contractors, and ambitious house flippers with the expertise and products they need to bring their unique kitchen designs to life.

We don’t carry scratch and dent products, damaged merchandise or repurposed items. All of our products fall into a budget-friendly price range to make your home renovation attainable. You choose the style and finish of your dreams, and we place an order for your brand new, made-to-order items.


We can’t wait to help you get started on your kitchen remodel! Walk-ins are welcome, but we recommend making an appointment to ensure we can dedicate our full attention to your design. Let’s get started!

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